Finding a Golf Coach can be daunting I am here to make golf fun and easy

Golf can be a difficult sport to begin.

I am here to make this process easy and enjoyable. 

I’ve Developed a teaching style that can adapt for the person.

Golf is a game for all ages and levels. My teaching philosophy is based on each individual as everyone is unique. I believe there isn’t one way to swing a golf club. I work with the person’s natural tendencies and abilities. Golf is the greatest game and my passion is seeing my students improve and enjoy their golf.

Throughout my career as a tour Professional, I have had a lot of injuries. My process is understanding my students physical limitations and l always strive to help them work around their limits.


l was ready to give up golf in 2019. My handicap and confidence were gone.
Lisa brought the enjoyment back into my game and was not fazed about changing things up to get the best results for me.
She has persevered and encouraged me along the way and made sense of what I am trying to achieve.
I will continue to follow and train with Lisa to keep enjoying this great game.

Denise McGowan
Huntingdale Golf Club

Lisa is a wonderful golf coach/teacher. She gives you plenty of time and has a great golfing brain and experience. Her tips and advice are always achievable and easy to practic to take out on course. Lisa helped my golf game, after plenty of lessons over the years of analysis of my swing, and swinging for my body but tweaking minor body positions on takeaway and downswing, i feel my swing has improved a lot. A great coach for anyone looking to improve their game and see their handicap reduce.

Jack Gunston

Great coach, person and golfer. Lisa has me hitting the ball better than ever. If you want a professional that teaches how to get you swinging better (not what the computer tells you) get in and see Lisa Jean. But leave me a spot too yeah..

James, HGC member

Lisa teaches the basics really well and gets your concepts better about your swing, so you can self correct when she isn’t around. Makes it easy to translate onto the golf course.